3/13M Kormrok down!

A little cuddling with him the day before makes him soft like a teddybear. He was in such a good mood today he just gave us some treats on our first encounter with him.

Thanks Kormrok! Cya next week.

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2/13M Iron Reaver down!

Second mythic kill today! Really helps that ppl are back from vacation.

Now, onto the next mythic bosses!

Go Fritz for doing the last 2% solo !!


1/13M Hellfire Assault down!

The summer is officially over!

First raid after the summer vacation where enough and the right ppl are online (at the same time… ). No more abusing healers in dps off-spec. No more bringing someone just to fill up the raid.

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13/13HC Archimonde HC down!

Summer made this kill come a bit late. On the days he was available for progress we rarely had the numbers of ppl online. Scaling of this boss makes it really hard to do below 18 raid members, so total time spent on this boss on heroic is somewhere around 8 hours. The legendary ring helped, but was very far away from enough to counter the scaling problem.

It's nice to see that we are starting to pass on trinkets though. 4 normal mode kills have filled up half the raid already.

Now we are looking forward to mythic. Summer vacation is mostly over. It should be seen on wowprogress shortly.


6/10M Kromog down!


That was an awesome ending of this raid tier!

First boss where numbers actually matter. Now we know we have what it takes to go further, although we don't have time to do anything more in BrF. Let's use this and "always improve" in Hellfire Citadel so we can get further and in time. That we started (uber) late with progressing in mythic BrF wasn't our fault. So let's take this chance to do it from start of HfC.

Oh, and Butcher and Tectus says hi.