[Accepted] Application:Rhazuli (Mage)
28 Oct, 2015 21:42
About yourself

First name:Marc



Your computer

System specifications:

FPS during general raiding:

FPS during raiding and heavy load (bloodlust+spam everything+shiny boss abilities):

Do you have and use a microphone?yes

Internet connection (use speedtest, pick Paris which is where the Draenor server is located, and paste the result-URL):

How often do you disconnect?no

How often does your PC crash?never
Character information

Character name:Rhazuli



Amory link (log out with the gear and spec you are applying with):http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Rhazuli/advanced

Off-spec (if any):frost

Alts worth mentioning (with links):

Raiding schedule and IRL (will our raiding schedule fit your real life?):yep

Previous expansion experience:aotc garrosh 10+25m

Mindset (describe your attitude on progress and farm raids):always focussed yet fun smile

Combatlog links:.

Screenshot of your UI while raiding (use Imgur) (if you don't have a useful screenshot atm queue up for LFR and bail when you're done):

Which important addons and WAs do you use?bigwigs,tmw…some mage ones

Which macros do you use?

Which keybinds do you use?

Explain your talent and glyph choices and alternatives:

How do you check what your numbers are like?

Where do you find new info about your class?

If you have geared alts, at which lvl can you play them?

Do you know anyone from the guild?not yet smile
Previous guilds

Which guilds, roles, approximate dates, and why did you leave?
well…lately it was pretty shit my guild with many friends disbanded…i joined elusive but i cant stand the ppl there…so yeah thats it
Where did you hear about us?Trade smile
Why should we pick you?cause im a good mage thats fun to be around and actually CAN be asked to do raid mechanics smile
Anything else you wanna add?not really^^ hope to find a good home and fun in raids smile
28 Oct, 2015 21:47
Heya. Ty for applying. Since we agreed you would do a "small" application your answers are fine. Will give you some in-game whisps and hopefully we can have a chat on mumble smile Seeya around!
30 Oct, 2015 17:43
After spoken with you on mumble, your application is accepted
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