[Declined] Kakatra the 711 Restoration/Elemental Shaman
13 Nov, 2015 21:15
About yourself

First name:

Age: 18


Your computer
Windows? idk what you mean really, I'm a complete computer noob
System specifications:
Custom built and have no idea what the specifications are but I can run any game on maximum settings on solid fps. Like I said, complete computer noob

FPS during general raiding:
60? I never lag and never check

FPS during raiding and heavy load (bloodlust+spam everything+shiny boss abilities):
No difference, no spikes and no lag

Do you have and use a microphone?
Yes (both)

Internet connection (use speedtest, pick Paris which is where the Draenor server is located, and paste the result-URL):
40 ms
15.44 Mbps
4.36 Mbps

How often do you disconnect?

How often does your PC crash?
Character information

Character name:


Restoration Main

Amory link (log out with the gear and spec you are applying with):

Off-spec (if any):

Alts worth mentioning (with links):
Alliance but you know.. still an alt.

Raiding schedule and IRL (will our raiding schedule fit your real life?):
Previous expansion experience:
14/14 Heroic (Mythic) Siege of Orgrimmar.
Mindset (describe your attitude on progress and farm raids):
Progress > farm, love wiping and making progress etc with ultimately downing the boss eventually. Don't mind not getting loot as long as it benefits the raid and helps us progress.

Combatlog links:
I recently xferred to Horde, but that is the character that I am applying with.
Screenshot of your UI while raiding (use Imgur) (if you don't have a useful screenshot atm queue up for LFR and bail when you're done):
just standard elvui, was told to do this fast.
Which important addons and WAs do you use?
Just all the standard crap like DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools and I have WAs for all my main abilties. EG: Healing Tide Totem, Spirit Link, Unleash Life, Healing Rain and Riptide to name a few.

Which macros do you use?
Nothing special, just standard stuff.
Which keybinds do you use?
I can reach them all with 1 hand.
Explain your talent and glyph choices and alternatives:

How do you check what your numbers are like?
Look at logs etc and use Skada but as a healer, I don't look too closely since it depends on who uses cooldowns first, the type of fight etc.
Where do you find new info about your class?
Icy Veins, MMOChampion.
If you have geared alts, at which lvl can you play them?
If I did xfer my warrior I can play him competitively.

Do you know anyone from the guild?
not really
Previous guilds

Which guilds, roles, approximate dates, and why did you leave?
Where did you hear about us?
Why should we pick you?
Anything else you wanna add?
13 Nov, 2015 22:09

You wanted to have a vocal interview as well, but just looking really quick on your app you wont be anything we could use. Gear is lacking, experience and some logs as well. Since we want to push forward after gorefiend we need people with gear and experience sadly.

Ty for applying and hope you find a more suitable raiding guild.
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