[Accepted] Risingtides (Restoration Shaman)
06 Dec, 2015 02:19
About yourself

First name:Aleksandra

Age: 33

Gender: female

Country: Serbia
Your computer

System specifications: Intel core I3-3220 CPU @ 3.30 ghz,8 gb RAM,Radeon r9 270x toxic

FPS during general raiding: depending on fight but it's around 30-35

FPS during raiding and heavy load (bloodlust+spam everything+shiny boss abilities): around 25

Do you have and use a microphone? Yes

Internet connection (use speedtest, pick Paris which is where the Draenor server is located, and paste the result-URL): http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4891013167

How often do you disconnect? Never

How often does your PC crash? Never
Character information

Character name: Risingtides

Class: Shaman

Spec: Restoration

Armory link (log out with the gear and spec you are applying with): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Risingtides/simple .I have also 3 more trinkets in my bags for healing smileemonic Phylactery-mythic,Core of the primal elements-hc,Flickering felspark-mythic

Off-spec (if any): Elemental

Alts worth mentioning (with links): Not really

Raiding schedule and IRL (will our raiding schedule fit your real life?): Yes,time is fine

Previous expansion experience: Started raiding in Tbc.Cleared all mostly.In Mop killed every boss on normal and some on the hc depending how much guild was pushing.In Wod i have HM all on normal,hc and 3 mythic bosses,Brf cleared on normal and hc and hfc 5/13 mythic.

Mindset (describe your attitude on progress and farm raids): I love progression raids.That feeling of sweet boss kill on which you have been suffering for weeks is just not replaceable.Farm is okay if the atmosphere is relaxed and the time passes fast.

Combatlog links: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/10314523/latest#

Screenshot of your UI while raiding (use Imgur) (if you don't have a useful screenshot atm queue up for LFR and bail when you're done): http://imgur.com/CQJKnRs

Which important addons and WAs do you use? Dbm,angry asigments,rsa,exorsus raid tools,iskar assist,decursive,weak auras ( resto shaman cds and hfc bosses),vuhdo

Which macros do you use? Only macro for healing tide,my racial and gift trinket

Which keybinds do you use? 1,2,3 …etc on my naga,moving on keyboard and using the standard mouse keys with keyboard for vuhdo.

Explain your talent and glyph choices and alternatives: Glyphs :
Glyph of Healing Stream Totem: Adds a 10% damage reduction to Fire, Frost and Nature damage.
Glyph of Healing Wavesmileassive self-heal on every Healing Wave i cast.
Glyph of Spiritwalker's Focus: This glyph is half the duration and cooldown of Spiritwalker’s Grace. Being able to use it more often is crucial in some moments.
Astral shift-40 % dmg reduction which is amazing talent for every boss.
Windwalk totem-Strongest option of the 3 options in this tier.I use it on bosses to ensure that everyone can reach target destination on time.
Totemic Projection-Using this usually with my spirit link totem which allows me to place it everywhere i need in the right time.
Echo of the Elements- 2x spirit link totem and 2x riptide is just mmm yummy smile and ofc 2x unleash life to run more.
Rushing streams-Viable on every boss,best option of the 3
Elemental Blast- In progression when healing is crazy this talent is awesome mana regenerator.
High Tide-Additional bounces to Chain Heal which is like the most using aoe spell on every fight and specially with 4 tier parts.
How do you check what your numbers are like? Skada

Where do you find new info about your class? icy veins,mmo champion,noxxic,chainheal

If you have geared alts, at which lvl can you play them? Probably normal or heroic Hfc

Do you know anyone from the guild? Slackorakis i think only if he is still in guild smile
Previous guilds Friends with no benefits,Instinct,Boon control

Which guilds, roles, approximate dates, and why did you leave? Friends with no benefits,Instinct,Boon control,Sub Zero.Blizzard killed optimism in officers so they quited and draged raiding team down the drain with them.I am really hoping you will not have the same faith smile
Where did you hear about us? Trade channel
Why should we pick you? I am active player,reliable to show up on every raid and very social smile
Anything else you wanna add? Adopt me i'm fluffy and cute smile
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06 Dec, 2015 02:40
Thanks for applying.

We've talked a bit in-game aswell. What we agree on is that your HfC mythic history and logs so far mostly just show you when you rerolled and geared up. It's really hard to determin at which lvl someone is playing without testing them in "controlled" environments.

So I'd like to give it a shot and see where we end up. How far and how high is mostly up to you.

Welcome to us!

(Btw, we are past the points and situations where guilds usually disband.)
Edited 06 Dec, 2015 02:41
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