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19 Jan, 2016 07:56
Rapiu said:
I have some questions you can chew on:

  • What would you say is the main difference between disc and other healers?
  • disc healers shld have a gameplay style much more in a proactive manner instead of healing the dmg they do need to pre-shield the incomming dmg.. if dmg taken disc is useless at that point.. also disc healers might be a substitute of pala healers with tank healing or a backup for offtank healing (if required)
    also with the dmg reduction cooldowns (barrier) it sustains the incomming tough raid dmg and help other healers to top the raid

  • In an ideal raid setup with ideal players; what would you do differently than you have done until now as disc? (think big picture)
  • On some fights I find myself shield shield shield coz the dmg is unavoidable and the dmg taken is high so I miss the rotation for evangelism and archangel uptime (which I need to improve).. but in an ideal setup ppl taking less dmg I'd use more attonement healing with good archangel uptimes..

  • Which HfC bosses would you approach differently, and how?
  • generally I was using solace for progressing long fights with less haste gear but now I think with more haste mindbender giefs more mana and makes u free to heal/shield while gathering mana..
    helfire assault..
    2 healers in each side (assuming progress) and 2 dispell glyph to keep ppl not stunned.
    if I dont heal with a pala on my side I can even use COW while progressing as tank healing
    movement alot fight and too much spreading around I use cascade and also need ppl move fast so I use body and soul to make ppl move faster (esp barage)
    I use 2 dispell as well to dispell fast debuff and use halo coz we nearly stack throug the fight
    If I m send inside I use COW coz it really helps to keep ppl topped inside till 20 stack
    lovly boss with epic mechanics.. well its a bit single target healing fight for me coz I need to heal constructs well or we wipe outside.. so I stack some spirit for that and use another spirit trinket with crit in use (thinking this fight a bit longer compared to others)
    this figth is passing the eye and dispelling for my side so I concentrate on it if I have the task other than that I play normally in proactive manner
    fast fight I use haste instead of spirit this time. I single target heal befauled targets and soak pillars with dmg reduction cooldowns
    I need to play black hole healer this time.. I need to heal 5 party members and kite the voids.. spectral guise is a must here for chains
    another epix boss but find hard as disc healing to reach good numbers.. but I might use divine star to have insta flash heals with no mana cost (with spirit trinkets ofc coz this is a bit long fight) also using cow for the heal absorbtion debuff makes other healers' life easier.. Also as a disc I stand with melee to leap the target with hammer to the melee to diverse the dmg

  • Are there any peripheral hardware I/O priorities in either Windows or the motherboard?
well if I understand correctly u r wondering if I m using an accelerator for i/o operations on windows? just using logitec mouse and keyboard for gamers and I think they suit fine while playing but actually not a specific hw on mainboard I use atm.. But if there are any I'd like to know and utilize..
18 Jan, 2016 18:55
About yourself

First name: Mert

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Country: Turkey
Your computer

System specifications: Gfx 980 i7 3.2Ghz Cpu 16gb RAM

FPS during general raiding: 75 fps vertical sync.

FPS during raiding and heavy load (bloodlust+spam everything+shiny boss abilities): 25-30 when raiding with ultra details

Do you have and use a microphone? yes

Internet connection , pick Paris which is where the Draenor server is located, and paste the result-URL): speedtest

How often do you disconnect? well not much and only if server unexpected maintenance

How often does your PC crash? its a new pc bought 4 months ago so havent seen a crash yet
Character information

Character name: Amapwns

Class: Priest

Spec: Disc Main

Armory link (log out with the gear and spec you are applying with):

Off-spec (if any): Shadow/Holy OS

Alts worth mentioning (with links): not worth atm I use them for alts to farm and mats I generally use

Raiding schedule and IRL (will our raiding schedule fit your real life?): well been playing this game since 2007 but had some breaks.. but lately playing this priest for 2.5 years and mainly pve so dont think raiding will hurt unless it is not on my work time 08:00 - 18:00 smile

Previous expansion experience: well cleared SOO hc mode, Highmaul mhytic BRF 10/10M and HFC 10/13M

Mindset (describe your attitude on progress and farm raids): I love progress even it s tough and serious.. farming is more fun tho saw ppl laughing singing and even sleeping while I farm smile but progress makes u awake and hard-worker.. I read tactics at work and even discuss on mmo forums abt the gameplay while progressing

Combatlog links: CombatLog

Screenshot of your UI while raiding ) (if you don't have a useful screenshot atm queue up for LFR and bail when you're done): MyScreen

Which important addons and WAs do you use? healbot, decursive, angry assignment, bartender, shadoweduf, many mouse over macros, weak auras main cooldowns and mhytic raiding HFC pre-defined auras, dbm, exorsus raid tools, skada, mik scrolling, font size, tidy plates, classtimer, quartz/castbars

Which macros do you use? Generally mouse over macros for targeting and for leaping for tyrant to melee, shadow thing on xhulhorac for being deselected from chain

Which keybinds do you use? I use common w-s-a-d movement and up to 3 with shift alt and ctrl also have 5 keybinds on mouse smile

Explain your talent and glyph choices and alternatives: well..
I use halo mainly coz I find cascade a bit buggy..
I use common glyphs for disc priest but for some fights (assault, council) I use 2 dispells instead of 40 yard solace.
I use cow for tyrant fight for the debuffed target..
mainly using mindbender coz mhytic fights dont cause trouble with mana (coz they r short now) but if I progress I mainly use solace for good mana management..
I use WOM mainly instead of cow..
I use PI all the time

How do you check what your numbers are like? if u mean hps I use statistic but lately (since many guilds at farm and have some fantastic setups like 2 healers) logs aint show anything..but I use them for good players' rotation mining smile

Where do you find new info about your class? disc is good for progression but actually its not good with the hps stuff it has.. with the dmg mitigation it gives to raid while progressing.. but at farm days (as now) disc is balanced with other healers especially palas and dudus..

If you have geared alts, at which lvl can you play them? I play a 705 lvl farmer hunter and a 700 lvl resto shaman.. any time I can play them but I like healing
Do you know anyone from the guild? nope not yet smile
Previous guilds

Which guilds, roles, approximate dates, and why did you leave?
well I ll explain serious ones..

chop chop horde guild while raiding HM mhytic and BRF Hc disbanded
incentive alliance guild did BRF mhytic up to last boss disbanded
gehenna horde guild cleared BRF mhytic progresed HFC Mhytic but they wanted me as disc first then holy then disc then holy and my gear became awkward and I quit coz I wanted to play disc mainly..
why no love horde guild that was the last one they were progressing well but they promised me to play disc when the rl geared with his pala healer (up to that time he were playing disc) so either we go 2 discs for some fights (awkward) or I was holy which I dont think help at all..

later I thought I need a break smile and unsub 2months and at november I m back

Where did you hear about us?
well I was looking for a new home at LFG forums and some of officers (I guess) reached me

Why should we pick you? I am a dedicated healer and always played this game as a healer so I think I knw my class and I can find easily my weakness coz I read much abt my class..

Anything else you wanna add?
good luck with the progress smile