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24 Jan, 2016 11:44
Hey. Ty for applying

Have decided that we can test you out. However if you do wanna succed with ous a lot of effort is going to be needed.

Firstly since you don't have any mythic experience in hfc keeping up with tactics on bosses is very important. We are not going to spend long waiting for you to sort your personal stuff out during a boss encounter.

Also since you got no real logs it is going to be even more important that you show that you can play your class well.

It's simply you who need to show ous that you are something we want in our team, despite the lack of experience and some other things.

I'll give you a whisp in-game as well.


15 Dec, 2015 22:25
Hey, Ty for applying.

Essays is boring to write indeed, but i feel like you just went threw the application really fast, Answering very short with little info.

Are you used to clear the hardest content when its live? How is your previous raiding exp?
Your mythic logs is from September = break from raiding, That would be something to mention.

Not any Comp specs? Always good to know what you are playing on. If its a potato or something decent. Not using any other addons for raiding?

Dont wanna try saying something more about your class build so we can get an idea if you know the proper stuff on your boomkin? The list is long, and its not even close of beeing a finished application.

Just looking quick on your heroic logs its not to shabby. You also killed gorefiend pretty early, but no info about that either.

Sadly, your application is declined.

Ty for your time and Good luck with your guild search.

25 Nov, 2015 15:45

Only downside is that we cant have you for thursdays. But other then that you will make a good fit in our team.

Would pref max 2 weeks cross realm, Pref 1 week. As you understand having raiders in the guild is important.

Your trial can begin today.

23 Nov, 2015 22:16
Ty for applying.

If you add my b-tag, i can give you some options if you want to raid in our team

15 Nov, 2015 10:28
Hey, Ty for applying.

Have a few questions for you. Firstly what class do you wanna play? You did write that you wanted to have a mage as a main but you applied here with your resto shaman.
Secondly you are talking about 8/13? Can only see 3/13 on shaman and 6/13 on the mage.

Contact me at frahnsa#2450 and we can proceed with this application.
Edited 15 Nov, 2015 11:00
13 Nov, 2015 22:09

You wanted to have a vocal interview as well, but just looking really quick on your app you wont be anything we could use. Gear is lacking, experience and some logs as well. Since we want to push forward after gorefiend we need people with gear and experience sadly.

Ty for applying and hope you find a more suitable raiding guild.
03 Nov, 2015 11:11
And by 28-30 raiders, that is trials included, JUst wanted to clear that up smile
03 Nov, 2015 09:40
Heya mate, Ty for applying.

You seem like a solid player, You have the exact same progress as we have, Decent logs and good gear. And some decent raiding exp in the past.

i would not be afraid of testing you out. However, something you need to understand is that we have around 28-30 raiders + trials. So we do bench and switch out people during the raid. A raid spot is not given in this guild, its earned. My point is you might not have a spot each raid due to ous wanting to test out people. But of course, if you show that you are a player we want, who can live up to the tasks of a solid raider, its another story.

Maybe if you want to give me your opinion and thoughts about this, We could procced with this application. Either /w me in game or add Frahnsa#2450 for a chat.
01 Nov, 2015 16:57
Hello there, Ty for applying.

Cheers for putting some effort in the application, That is always a good first impression.

We are in big need of a tank atm. Someone who is ready to jump straight into mythic with no issues. A player with good attendence that burns for raiding and who can guide the raid away from danger. Sadly we dont have any time waiting for a tank progressing on not dying from random melee hits and such.

Due to your application beeing complete and with all the info needed, I see no reason not to test you out. You are lacking a little mythic experience at the moment, but hopefully that wont be an issue

Would also like to ask some more specific tank questions before i accept your application smile

Since i have you on bnet, you can write to me whenever you have seen this. Speak with ya soon
31 Oct, 2015 19:32
Heya mate.

Just gonna start of by telling that when people apply, Its really important that they answer every question. For example its always good to know your comp specs, Internet speed, Talents and choices in your spec.

Also its a little dizzy on the previous experience part. As a tank experience in previous expansions on a High difficulty is a huge perk. So if you want to complete the application, i would want to know more about your previous tanking experience, Maybe some keybindings and macros that you use in protection.

What we are looking for is a mythic ready tank. Someone who wont die from melee hits, A player who knows when to use cooldowns properly in fights. Someone who pick up on fights fast and can execute them properly. Would like your honest opinion on that part, if you think you are someone we wont waste any time on.

If you can start by filling in all the blanks in the application that would be great, and i'll give you a ingame whisp later on.