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20 Jan, 2016 00:47
Accepted for trial.

We see some potential even if it's hard to verify that from small amounts of logs and xp. It's now up to you to show what you can do.
19 Jan, 2016 15:42
  • Are there any peripheral hardware I/O priorities in either Windows or the motherboard?
well if I understand correctly u r wondering if I m using an accelerator for i/o operations on windows? just using logitec mouse and keyboard for gamers and I think they suit fine while playing but actually not a specific hw on mainboard I use atm.. But if there are any I'd like to know and utilize..

It's not quite it. The answer I'm looking for is something more ppl should be aware of. Especially healers. But I won't reveal the answer in public.

I'll talk a bit with Fritz. He probably wants some words with you too.
19 Jan, 2016 04:15
I have some questions you can chew on:

  • What would you say is the main difference between disc and other healers?
  • In an ideal raid setup with ideal players; what would you do differently than you have done until now as disc? (think big picture)
  • Which HfC bosses would you approach differently, and how?
  • Are there any peripheral hardware I/O priorities in either Windows or the motherboard?
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18 Jan, 2016 22:21
Thanks for applying. We will get back to you tomorrow when we wake up etc.
14 Dec, 2015 01:07
Ikona is a result of a long chain of guild disbands. They all disband at one point and then create a new guild.
11 Dec, 2015 21:20
Thanks for applying.

There's missing lots of info in this application and you also have about no HfC mythic xp, so I have to decline due to that alone.

Good luck on your guild hunt. And unfortunately there are no longer any slovene-only guilds, at least who raid something more than heroic mode.
06 Dec, 2015 02:40
Thanks for applying.

We've talked a bit in-game aswell. What we agree on is that your HfC mythic history and logs so far mostly just show you when you rerolled and geared up. It's really hard to determin at which lvl someone is playing without testing them in "controlled" environments.

So I'd like to give it a shot and see where we end up. How far and how high is mostly up to you.

Welcome to us!

(Btw, we are past the points and situations where guilds usually disband.)
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04 Dec, 2015 01:41
Nice twist with the wowprogress history copy/paste!

Usually guilds are hesitating with trying out very fresh WoW gamers for the last quarter of the mythic HfC bosses. Though the combination of our chat in-game and what you write here tells me that you might be different than the average gamer. So I'd like to try you out and see if your words fit your gaming.

If everything goes well we will have a good deal. After all we are investing in ppl. Not their gear or history.

Welcome to us! And may Sinbad be mercy on your avatar.
03 Dec, 2015 06:38
Thanks for applying and being thorough.

There's lots here that tickles me in the right way. Can only say dual accepted!

A tank is afk today, so if you wanna fill that spot instead of us using an off-spec you have a chance to get immediately into action.

An officer should be online after around 16:00. Can also add me on bbqr#2333

Cya around
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02 Dec, 2015 16:56
Declined due to inactivity and

Feel free to apply again at a later time.

"28-30 raiders" is including those who have passed/failed trial and those who have low attendance. We are indeed in need of several more raiders since times change. Member's priorities change. So do the guild's.
Edited 02 Dec, 2015 17:26